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"No Shoes, No Strings, No Ceilings"

It's a simple title to a recent CD, and it expresses this group's attitude of being grounded, but without boundaries.

The 2010 Men's A Cappella group, from The Westminster School, in Atlanta Georgia, recently recorded this much sought after CD that demonstrates their amazing talent.

This work contains 14 songs covering a wide range of classics, and original material. One song, the bonus track, was actually written on the spot, and recorded on the first take.

Under the direction of Captive Sound's owner, Cole Harrison, who engineered these sessions, a few moments in the lives of 23 young men can now be remembered by their school, their family, and friends... forever.

Does your school or institution offer such a program? Perhaps your Men's and Women's A Capella groups could use a little in-house competition, between each other. By each group making one of these recordings, you can stir up the competition, and at the same time produce a valuable benchmark for underclassman to aspire to.... As well as a valuable keepsake for each student's parents and friends.

No Shoes, No Strings, No Ceilings, sold over three hundred copies, through their school's bookstore, in less than a week. Put your school's talented students out in front. Contact Captive Sound Studio for more information about adding this exciting experience to your school's music program.

Please click on the links, for an up-close sample of the performance these students produced here at Captive Sound.

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