Voice Coaching


    The region's top voice talent train and work here.

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Voice Coaching

From beginners, to National Voice Talents, many regularily attended coaching work shop seminars, held weekends here at Captive Sound.

In past seminars, training has been provided by Nationally recognized talent and included:
September Day Leach, Bob Bergin, Maurice Tobias, and Jean Barrett.

Eileen Kimble is a veteran voice coach, with over 20 years experience, now working at Captive Sound.

Special rates are offered for these work shop seminars, so please call or email Captive Sound to be put on our email notification list for the latest upcoming scheduled events.

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For information, about bookings, talent, or pricing, contact: Eileen Kimble
404 . 325 . 4860, or send your E-mail to:  

Producer of Record

554 Deering Road, N.W. - Atlanta, GA 30309

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