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Web Audio Production

Web design is limited enough by the fact that no one has yet invented smell html, and you can touch the screen if you want to, but you can't feel the content. You can have a tasteful site, but you cannot have a tasteable site. Truthfully, in web design, there are only two senses at our disposal, and most sites use only one…sight. The addition of audio, in the form of professional narration, specially selected music, and even sound effects, can bring any site to life.

Whether you are a web designer, small business or a major corporation creating a presentation or training site, Captive Sound is proud to offer you the added dimension of sound. The benefits are as obvious as they are amazing.

Whatever you need to make your site come alive, Captive Sound can produce it…and at a cost that fits any budget.


For information, about bookings, talent, or pricing, contact: Cole Harrison
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